Twig is tailor-made for teachers

The Twig website provides school-wide access to thousands of three-minute videos for Science and Math, as well as worksheets, lesson plans, quizzes and diagrams.

Twig resources are easy to use. You slot them into your existing lesson plans or use them as inspiration for future lessons.

With Twig, there’s no need to search the Internet for safe, age-appropriate content that is going to engage your students – it’s all been done for you.

Twig is matched to your standards

Twig videos are created specifically for use in schools and are matched to a number of standards including the Common Core Standards, Next Generation Science Standards and National STEM Standards.

Before we make any of our resources, we consult with teachers to ensure the right learning objectives are covered.

Use the Standards view tool to find the right videos and learning materials for your standards.

Twig offers you flexibility and variety

Twig videos can be used in a variety of different ways – as an introduction to a new topic, to illustrate the topic as you teach it, as reinforcement or for revision. You can ask students to log in to the Twig website at home and watch a video in advance of a class so that they arrive for a lesson ready to talk about what they have learnt.

Twig supports differentiated learning

Twig allows students to learn at their own pace. You can ask different pupils to notice different aspects of a video. Those who have found a topic hard can watch the video again (and always love doing so) while others can use Twig’s unique Mindmap and the topic extension questions to explore further and extend their knowledge.

The onscreen key words, closed captions and downloadable transcripts make Twig videos accessible to students with additional support needs or those whose second language is English.

Twig encourages cross-curricular learning

Exploring the Twig Mindmap allows students to see how different topics relate to one another. The videos use examples from real life to demonstrate how different topics, and even subjects, connect outside the classroom. These cross-curricular links can take students on a journey of discovery and fire them with curiosity to find out more.

Explore the Twig Mindmap