Twig videos

There are a number of different types of Twig videos available for Science and Math. Find out more below.

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Experiment videos

A series of short videos that show real experiments in lab conditions. Setup, Method and Analysis are shown, along with real-world applications of the science all accompanied by extensive learning materials.

Top tip: Use the Setup and Method videos to embed best lab practice and health and safety points.

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Curriculum videos

Get straight to the facts in just three minutes – directly linked to core learning, these videos will fit neatly into your lesson plans.

Top tip: These videos sit in the larger circles in the center of each topic Mindmap.

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Context videos

Place learning in the real world and show students the relevance of their studies. Twig’s context videos show abstract concepts in action in the real world.

Top tip: Context videos sit in smaller circles around the edge of the topic Mindmap.

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Science Glossary videos

Key scientific terms defined in just 60 seconds, great for reinforcing abstract concepts.

Top tip: Related glossary videos can be found in the Glossary tab underneath the video player.